Ich bin über dieses chinesische Photoshop-Trolling gestolpert.
In China gibt es wohl Messageboards auf denen man Fotos
mit Bearbeitungswünschen posten kann. Und manchmal
werden diese dann ganz neu interpretiert. Ich hab herzaft
lachen müssen. Schaut es euch an!



Hot on the heels of the previous batch of fractured wishes granted by China’s Photoshop artists comes a new photo gallery.

If you missed the previous batch of photos, this is where someone makes a request to have their photo improved. The Photoshop “specialist” then “misunderstands” the request with comedic results.

For example, asking for a change of background without any details will result in you being on the cover of a porno DVD, or asking for Prince Charming will result in the prince of a mythical race of mutants.

You get the idea, so sit back and enjoy!

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