Kamijo in Paris – Concert report!

Basically when Kamijo announced that he would have his first solo live in Paris i was super excited! Then i found out that there was also the Japan Expo happening that weekend and that basically made me book the train and my journey there. Unfortunately they only announced very late that Kamijo would have a talk and signing session at Japan expo the day before his concert. The talk was at 12h, but my train only arrived 12:35h in Paris! No way i could make it.

But i could still make it for the signing session! I was greeted by my french friend at the train station and together we rushed to the Japan expo. The signing time was almost over, but i still had a chance. At Japan Expo you have to enter a lottery to get a signature and i was incredibly lucky to get one! Even though the computer said that 95% had already been won.  Sooo lucky! My friend did not win unfortunately.

I was sweating a bit from all the rushing and excitement. Hahaha.  But then i took out my Louis CD and went to Kamijo. He was in full make up and was wearing his costume and his jewelry collection! So nice!

I was really excited and tried to tell him in Japanese that i came from Germany only for him and that i liked him since lareine and that i loved his solo work, especially Moulin Rouge. 🙂 I am not sure he understood me. Hahaha, but he said Arigatou a couple of times. I asked him to write my name on the CD, too. I was actually really lucky to be one of the last to go get his signiture because there was no line behind me and i could take my time. I was so excited that i forgot to ask if it was allowed to take a photo together or to thank him for letting the japanese fans take pictures at events. I did write that in his fanbook later though!

They already sold some merchandise at the Japan Expo. I got Kamijos Poster and a tourshirt. Yay! Unfortunately the red shirts were already sold out in my size, so i just got a black one.

The next day after having lots of fun at the Japan expo, me and my friend went to the concert venue. We planned to arrive early, but the public transport in Paris was terrible and one metro had stopped running, so we had to run/walk 3 stations on foot! Awww! There was already a long line when we finally got there. We stood in line and prepared for the Kamijo Fan Project! Some fans had prepared plastic rose pentals with the details of the concert written on them. They were distributed and we were told to throw them into the air during Louis and the first “la vie en rose”. So exciting!!!
We also took polaroid chekis which we glued into a fanbook. Then we added our messages. 🙂 There was also a French fag we signed. Hahaha.

The people with VIP tickets were able to enter 1h earlier than the rest. Almost 1/3 of the attendents had VIP tickets. So i was really glad that i had met and talked to Kamijo the day before at Japan Expo. I only had a regular ticket.

When they let us in my friend and I decided to go to the balcony since the “VIP” crowd in front of us was sooo huge already. At the balcony i met some japanese fans and also italians and english speaking fans. People from all over Europe came to see Kamijo! So nice! Almost everyone had red roses plastic or real ones with them. Actually when lining up for the concert there was one of these indian rose sellers. Hahaha, he was super lucky to sell a lot because of Kamijo.
Also i bought 2 chekis of him at the goods stand since they had been sold out at the Japan expo the day before.

Before the concert started we screamed “vive le roi” and then they played a small track of a choire singing “vive le roi” when the band members appeared. Even though it was Kamijos big day, there were a lot of fans who screamed for Shinya or Meku. Kamijo… You do work with awesome supportmembers, but be careful that they do not steal your show! Haha. I screamed Kamijos name.

There was a screen at the back displaying Kamijos name and later falling roses.
They started with lots of catchy songs like moulin rouge, fuyu tokyo (as a Lareine fan that was my highlight) and yami no taiyo. The crowd got super excited and they fist pumped with a sea of red roses.
Then Kamijo announced “Symphony of the Vampier” and we went wild!
There was not soo much talking but rather music. For the slow songs Grazioso and Xxx.the support members left the stage to Kamijo alone. 🙂

During one song Kamijo caught his coat in an instrument stand. Hahaha. While singing he tried to disentangle it and when he got free he petted it in such a cute way. One of the staff members later removed it.

He told us that “Unmei” was a really special song from his time with Versailles before he played it. 🙂

After they reappeared for the encore Kamijo said “Bonjour” and we repeated it. Hahaha. Then he told us at some point “No, no, no, no….. Bonsoir!” That made us laugh a lot.

Some fans in the first row then threw a plush elephant on stage that Kamijo picked up and held in front of his face. So fun! There were also fans in the first row that waved the french flag with our signatures. Kamijo took it and he was really touched. He asked if it was from everyone in the crowed and held it very dear. That was so nice. I got the feeling he really enjoyed his fans and the first live. He later told us that he would be back at some point.

Then as a last song they finally played Lois enketsu la vie en rose. Hahaha. I was waiting the whole time to finally throw the rose pentals. Hahaha. So nice.

Unfortunately the show was over then and everyone had to leave the venue since there would ba a jrock disco with special tickets afterwards.

This was the setlist:

Yamiyo no Lion
Moulin Rouge
Fuyu Tokyo
Tsuioku no Mon Amour
Gensou Trianon
Sacrifice of Allegro
Royal Tercet
Mangetsu no Adagio
Louis ~Enketsu no La Vie en Rose~


It was super fun and I hope to see I Kamijo again, soon!


Kamijo in Paris


kennt ihr schon Kamijo?

Er war Sänger bei Lareine und Versailles und hat seit kurzem seine Solo-Karriere gestartet. 🙂
Lareine hatte noch sehr “Chanson”-artige Lieder, während Versailles eher etwas in die Metal-Schiene gerückt ist.
In seinem Solo-Projekt findet Kamijo einen Mittelweg, was durchaus gelingt und ein wenig an Malice Mizer erinnert.

Das waren noch Zeiten! Damals haben sich die Urgesteine des Visual Kei (Kisaki, Hizaki, Kamijo, Mana, Gackt, Hakuei, Hyde) zusammen
gefunden und diese mittlerweile auch schon in die Jahre gekommenen Herren machen heute immer noch hartnäckig Musik.

Kennt ihr einen Sänger der jüngeren Generation, dem ihr das auch zutrauen würdet?


Auf alle fälle kommt Kamijo für ein Konzert nach Paris! ❤ Ich habe mir schon ein Ticket gesichert und für alle, die noch zögern,
denen soll gesagt sein, dass an dem Wochenende auch die Japan Expo sein wird. Dies ist eine riesige Anime-Messe! Das letzte mal, als ich dort war
waren 4-5 Messehallen nur mit Anime/Manga und Comics gefüllt. Die Stargäste umfassen vonVieospielkomponisten über Mangaka bis zu japanischen Wrestlern wirklich alles!!! Es ist für jeden etwas dabei.